Cinquefoil, Mango Tango Cinquefoil

by Mackey's Farm
The never-ending quest for the perfect orange flowered Potentilla continues and this selection, developed by the University of Manitoba is reputed to be one of the best. 'Mango Tango' sports a dense, rounded form with branches covered with very small, deep green, five fingered foliage that comes alive in mid-June with 1" diameter, orange-red centered flowers that fade to yellow-orange on their edges, giving it a striking two-toned look as it blooms into late July. 'Mango Tango', like all Potentilla are extremely hardy and will tolerate sandy soil well. It needs a minimum of half a day of full sun to perform at its best.
  • One of the best orange flowered Potentillas
  • Dense, rounded form
  • Small, deep green, five-fingered foliage
  • Orange-red flowers bloom mid-June into late July
  • Extremely hardy
  • Tolerant of sandy soil

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