LifeMate – Health Alert PH

by Mackey's

LifeMate is the first clumping cat litter that contains a pH indicator that will change colour to identify common health problems BEFORE symptoms appear.

It is commonly known that urine pH can be used to provide information concerning the health of an animal. Many feline health problems are accompanied by a change in urinary pH from normal to high (alkaline) or low (acidic) condition.

LifeMate is designed to give the cat owner early indication of a possible health problem. When you see a change in the urine pH you should monitor your cat’s health more closely and consult your local veterinarian.

LifeMate is not designed to provide a diagnosis for health problems, only as a possible early indication. A diagnosis can only come from a trained veterinarian.

LifeMate is a premium clumping cat litter featuring:

  • Low Dust
  • Low Tracking Formula
  • Extra Strength Odour Control
  • Resealable – Velcro Press-Lok Bag

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