Rose, Easy-to-Love® Julia Child™ Floribunda Rose (Rosa, 'Wekvossutono' Julia Child™)

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(Northern Hardy) How about this for the recipe for a perfect garden Rose? Start with a constant stream of brilliant color that lasts throughout the summer, add in a strong, seductive scent that will have you swooning every time you visit your garden and finish off with a compact, dense plant that clothes itself with medium green, slightly glossy, disease resistant foliage. Sounds delicious and it sounds like the perfect Rose for naming after that noted chef of the same name. Each of its seemingly endless supply of buds opens dark yellow with orange tones only to morph into a beefy, multi-petaled Rose sporting a buttery yellow color that groups together with other Roses on the plant in classic Floribunda style to create waves of color throughout the summer. It's hard not to be seduced by this free flowering beauty that will require only some yearly feeding from you, a full sun location in the garden and as much time as you can contribute to enjoy the show in your landscape! (F)

  • Northern hardy
  • Great color throughout the summer
  • Strong fragrance
  • Compact, dense plant
  • Medium green, disease resistant foliage is slightly glossy
  • Buds opens dark yellow with orange tones
  • Matures into a beefy, multi-petaled rose of a buttery yellow color
  • 2006 All-America Rose Selections® winner

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