Hydrangea, Next Generation® Pistachio Reblooming Hydrangea

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While we are fixated on blue in the Hydrangea world, Ball Horticulture is working hard to open up our world to new colors with 'Pistachio'. How about this for a mix...red, purple, bronze and green all in varying degrees on each flower? It's a kaleidoscope of varying colors that is made all the more impressive by this selection's ability to rebloom and to bloom on old and new wood. Add up its unique, ever-changing color palette with its incredible desire to bloom and its zone 5 hardiness and you have yet another breakthrough in the Hydrangea world! You'll be wowed by Pistachio™ for all these outstanding traits but the one you might like best is the carefree nature that sees it growing well in any sunny to half-day sun area in your landscape that has moist, well-drained soil with very little input from you other than getting it established. Blessed with a dense, rounded form, it will be as easy to find a home for Pistachio™ in your yard as it will be to show off its remarkable bloom.

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