Hibiscus, Aphrodite Rose of Sharon

by Mackey's Farm

There's nothing like the northeast tradition of a blooming Rose of Sharon in the summer landscape. Simply put, no other plant can provide the combination of flower power, longevity, and color selection that Hibiscus can. The upright, oval form of the single flowered Hibiscus set buds in late spring and early summer and are ready to burst into bloom in mid-July. The rest of the summer they are covered with 3 to 5 diameter flowers in a striking array of colors. Planted alone as a specimen or grouped together to form a hedge, single flowered Rose of Sharon always make a bright, beautiful landscape statement. Whether it's one of the traditional selections or one of our exciting new varieties, you'll find Prides Corner can provide the perfect Hibiscus to fit your needs.'Aphrodite'Single pink/Dark-red throat

  • Upright, oval form
  • Flowers begin to bloom in mid-July, bloom through the summer
  • 3-5" diameter pink flowers with dark red throats

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