Ginkgo biloba Autumn Gold Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree

by Mackey's Farm
Ginkgo is an anomaly… it is an ancient plant that has survived from its first appearance some 200 million years ago and it is the only deciduous conifer in existence today. This singularity of background leads to a singularity of appearance with unique, fan shaped foliage of deep green that clothes this pyramidal tree giving it a different look than other shade trees. This different look does not mean it is a tree that is difficult to grow. On the contrary, 'Autumn Gold' is so easy and tolerant that it is the perfect plant for putting up with city streets and rough soils without a flinch. Better yet, you'll love the fall color as the fan shaped foliage turns a shimmering gold, persists on the tree for a time, then falls all at once to produce a carpet of gold underneath it.

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