Franklin Flannels, Made in the USA - Multiple Sizes

by Franklin Flannels

**Please note: Shirts run a bit small.

  • No 2 shirts are alike!
  • Pictures are  guides for hues and color combinations.
  • If ordering online, please indicate color combo preferred and we will do our best to fulfill.
  • These pictures don't do these shirts justice! We encourage you to come on in and see the selection in person!

Franklin Flannels™ are vintage, hand-treated,  and inspired by our favorite worn shirts  – the ones we kept until they fell off our backs. Each shirt takes time and effort and is reverse-dyed and softened by our very small team of artists.  Nothing is ever mass produced. They are 100% pure cotton flannel, and because they are upcycled from vintage shirts, they will range in age and might come with minor wear and tear. It’s all part of their unique charm. We inspect and repair any major flaws, however, if you are wanting a brand new flannel, ours will not be a good fit for you. Colors vary just like in nature. All processing is done in Franklin, Tennessee.

Franklin Flannels give vintage flannel shirts a second chance by artistically reverse dying and softening them one shirt at a time.

We believe in sustainability – nothing is ever wasted. We believe that beauty lies in stories – thus vintage flannels. We see beauty in what others might toss aside. We believe that comfort should also be fashionable. We believe that everyone was born to stand out. – no two flannels are alike.

Franklin Flannels began with an experiment, one vintage flannel shirt, and a talented artist. Dominic is a true creative and the artist behind Franklin Flannels. He is 100% dedicated to breathing new life into vintage flannel. In his words, “I read the shirt, and then decide what colors to bring to the surface.”

Only an artist understands this, but the outcome of reading the shirt is discovering the most beautiful hidden colors that lie beneath the surface. Our flannels move through our Signature softening process and the outcome is the softest one-of-a-kind flannel available today.

The Back Story

You never really know what life has in store for you. In 2013, Cindy felt called to leave her lifelong home in Los Angeles. “My family and friends were all in Southern California, but I felt my soul was being sucked dry. Even buying groceries was a stressful experience. Dominic drove 8 ½ miles to work and it took an hour and a half each way. It was weighing heavy on our quality of life.”

Someone mentioned Franklin, Tennessee and honestly, we thought, “Tennessee? No,” but Franklin suddenly kept crossing our path.

So, we came to see what this little place called Franklin was all about. Cindy fell in love. Dominic took a little longer. We were here for four days – bought a house and moved from our lifelong home in Los Angeles three months later.

We had no family and knew no one. It was a true leap of faith in every sense of the word. Franklin is a “tad” different from bustling Los Angeles. Work didn’t come easily and we wondered what kind of crazy thing had we done? There were real struggles.

One day when we were trying to figure out next steps in our lives, when out of the blue, Cindy saw a very cool distressed flannel. (Today, our shirts look nothing like the original shirt.) Cindy pointed the shirt out to Dominic and he said, “I can make you a shirt like that,” and he did. And that was the beginning of the next chapter in our lives. Franklin Flannels changed our lives forever. From Los Angeles to Franklin…hair styling and life coaching, to giving vintage flannel shirts a second chance, together, we have come to embrace the mystery of life.

For Us, Franklin Flannels is Love.

Giving Back

Our lives have been blessed. We are truly grateful for the outpouring of kindness, acceptance and grace that we've experienced. We never imagined how Franklin Flannels™ would change our lives. We also know that our world is filled with plenty of struggle.

We believe that giving back is paramount, and it's an integral part of our mission; thus, a portion of all sales goes to support non-profits we believe are doing vitally important work.

We are selective about who we donate to mostly because, before we send money, we do a thorough search to determine the most need and which organizations are lean on administrative costs so they can provide the most benefit.

We donate to non-profits that give Second Chances to individuals and animals. Like our flannels, we believe that second chances are important.

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