Fothergilla, Major Large Fothergilla (Mountain Witchalder)

by Mackey's Farm

Native Pollinator Plant.

It's hard to find a native plant that has as much landscape beauty and utility than this plant. Dense and rounded in form, its tightly packed branches are the focus of an early spring landscape show even before the leaves emerge. Scores of petal-less, 2" tall, bottle-brush flowers emerge in late April with their ivory white, filament-like stamens that offer a unique look, superb fragrance, and an early nectar source for native insects. Large, light green foliage emerges as flowers go by, densely covering its form, offering shelter for birds and garden critters. As the cool weather of fall deepens, get ready for a show that will knock your socks off as this plant's foliage turns various shades of yellow, orange, and red in a riveting display of color. Mountain Witchalder is easy to grow, thrives in full sun and partial shade, and is stunning alone or planted in groups.

Color: White Shades
Height: 4-5 ft
Spread: 4-5 ft
Zone: 4-8



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