Cucumbers, Organic Early Spring Burpless F1 Cucumber Seeds

by Hart's Seeds
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This is an excellent home garden burpless cucumber with excellent flavor.

  • Produces an abundance of 8-12 inch pale green fruits.
  • Skin is thin, with crisp, bitter free flesh.
  • For straighter fruit and easier harvest, try growing on a fence or trellis (make this decision before you plant the seed).

SPECIFICS: (see below for complete sowing information)

  • SEED DEPTH: 1/2 inch
  • SEED SPACING: 3-4 seeds in a group (hill) with trellises 20 inches apart, or if trailing along the ground hills should be 4-6 feet apart
  • MATURES: 55 days


  • Plant seeds outdoors in late spring after the ground is thoroughly warmed.
  • Plant a hill of 3-4 seeds with trellises 20 inches apart.
  • If allowing vine to trail along the ground hills should be 4-6 feet apart.
  • Cover with 1/2 inch of fine soil, well pressed down.


    • Cucumbers are very cold sensitive and may not sprout if the soil temperature is below 60-degrees.
    • Germinated in 5-10 days depending on soil and weather conditions.


    • When plants are 3-5 inches high, thin each hill to a single plant.


    • High fertility and consistent soil moisture will stimulate growth and increase yield considerably.
    • Too much moisture can lead to rot or disease.

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