Hydrangea, Cityline® Vienna Bigleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea mac.)

by Mackey's Farm

The smallest of the Cityline® series, this little flowering machine refuses to take a back seat to its larger relatives when it comes to the flowering department. In fact, with the size of its pink mophead flowers, featuring a dab of white in the throats of the individual florets, and their incredible numbers, you might wonder if there is a plant at all under that mound of flowers in the landscape! Showy to a fault, this plant will become the feature of any tight space in the landscape or will enliven any partial shade spot when grouped together in bunches to the point that you might find it hard to pay attention to any other place in your yard!

Series: Cityline®

  • Dark pink or blue flowers in summer
  • Compact
  • Disease resistant
  • Best seller
  • Salt tolerant
  • Small or minature

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