Hydrangea, Cityline® Mars Bigleaf Hydrangea

by Mackey's Farm
This compact Cityline® selection may be petite but the mophead forming flowers are large, vibrant and uniquely colored! In acidic soils, each of the individual flower's petals are light blue with a violet splotch giving it a very cool variegated look will really grab your eye. 'Cityline® Mars' is a knockout flowering shrub with excellent mildew resistance and long blooming time with flowers emerging in July and continuing into August. It's fantastic when used in groupings or masses, in perennial or shrub borders, as a single specimen or even in containers! It loves full to partial sun and moist, well drained soil and very little other care once established.
  • Magenta and white summer flowers
  • Long lasting flowers
  • Mildew resistant
  • Best seller
  • Salt tolerant
  • Small or minature

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