Catgrass, Wheat Catgrass Seeds

by Hart's Seeds
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Cats & kittens love grass!

  • Growing catgrass indoors, year round, is easy and fun.
  • Cats will lie on itåÊ and eat some, which also helps keep them from eating your houseplants.
  • Safe & nontoxic.
  • Aids in cats' digestion.

SPECIFICS: (see below for completeåÊsowing information)

  • SEED DEPTH:åÊpress in (see SOWING)
  • SEED SPACING:åÊthinly (See SOWING)
  • EMERGES: 4-7åÊdays
  • MATURES:åÊ40 days


  • Plant seedåÊindoors any time of the year in a pot, flat bottomed bowl or try filled with any good soil mix.
  • Plant seeds thinly and press into the soil (not quite covering the seeds) and water.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and place in a warm spot (both night and day) until seeds sprout.
  • Remove plastic after germination and water whenever soil appears dry.


  • Germinates in 4-7 daysåÊdepending on soil and weatheråÊconditions.


  • Catgrass is a member of the grain family and will grow tall if not trimmed.


  • When plants are 3 inches high, place on the floor for your cats enjoyment.

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