Blueberry, Burgundy Lowbush (Vaccinium Angustifolium Burgundy)

by Mackey's Farm
  • Great fall foliage
  • Native
  • Small, deep blue, tasty fruit in July
  • Attracts landscape critters
  • Great for mass planting
  • Deep green foliage in the summer
  • Red stems provide winter interest
Selected at the University of Maine for its amazing red fall foliage color, this native plant goes beyond fruiting…it's an outstanding landscape plant that just happens to produce an amazing amount of small, deep blue, tasty fruit in July. Beyond being a gastronomic delight for humans and for landscape critters of many sizes and species, 'Burgundy' is a great plant for massing in sunny, well drained, sandy locations that allow it become an unbroken swath of beauty with deep green foliage in the summer followed by a red foliage display in fall that will make you think the ground is ablaze! Even in winter its burning red stems provide a blazing contrast to the snow!

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