Beg & Barker Beef Liver Strips Dog Treats

by Beg & Barker
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Beef liver is rich in nutrients and fatty acids that keep dogs healthy, boost their energy and make their coats shine.

Our beef liver strip dog treats are made with 100% human grade beef liver, air-dried to preserve the nutrients and flavors of the meat.

High Protein | USA Sourced & Made | Small Batch | No Fillers


At Beg & Barker, we want your dog to enjoy every adventure, fueled by the cleanest treats. That’s why we make our treats in small batches in our own manufacturing facility, using human grade beef liver that has been raised in the USA.

We prepare the pork loin using the time honored tradition of air-drying, which locks in all of the nutrients and keeps your best friend’s snack free of preservatives and fillers.

Your dog will beg and bark for this high-protein beef strips made from 100% beef liver.

Treat them after a long hike, swim, or just because they’re such a good dog.

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