Aster, New England Aster (Aster Novae-Angliae `Alma Potchke`)

by Mackey's Farm

Native Pollinator Plant.

What a fall beauty in the garden and what a wildlife magnet!! 'Alma Potschke' is all this and more making this easy to grow American Beauties native a landscape must. Deep green, small, narrow foliage tightly packs multiple stems producing a dense mound that is coated with button-like flower buds by early August. These buds open to reveal 1-2" diameter rose colored petaled, yellow centered daisies that completely obscure the foliage by late August and persist into late September. Butterflies can't resist the allure of its bloom and later in the fall, birds can't get enough of the seed left from the past bloom. 'Alma Potschke' loves full sun, tolerates some light shade, and is stunning with planted in groups in the landscape.

  • Deep pink flowers in the fall
  • Good cut flower
  • Great source of nectar for butterflies
  • Attracts wildlife
  • Dense mound of deep green foliage
  • Stunning in groups

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