Maple, Red Dragon Weeping Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum dissectum 'Red Dragon')

by Mackey's Farm
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Beautiful and compact, cascading branching make this Maple a perfect choice for the landscape, along with stunning, fine textured deep, dark red foliage that holds its stunning color all summer long, even in bright sun. While all Threadleaf Japanese Maples are beautiful, 'Red Dragon' distinguishes itself with a slightly more open form that fits in well with a less formal, more leisurely landscape. As fall approaches, this great specimen becomes even showier with foliage morphing to a brilliant crimson shade before falling off.

  • Graceful weeping form
  • Deep, dark red foliage
  • Compact, cascading branching
  • Foliage is fine-textured and stunning
  • Holds its color all summer long
  • Slightly more open form is great for a leisurely landscape
  • Showy crimson fall foliage

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