Aspen Song Cob Corn Premium Wildlife Treat

by Aspen Song

Aspen Song Cob Corn Premium Wildlife Treat brings many hours of delight to your backyard friends!
A favorite among squirrels, chipmunks, and blue jays.
Great for year-round feeding.
The nutrition provided by the corn’s carbohydrates and protein provide lots of energy to the backyard wildlife.

Ingredients:  Whole Ear Corn

Attract/Distract Squirrels
Watch your backyard come alive! The antics of squirrels is entertaining for all - especially when they are distracted away from your bird feeders! Feed these backyard acrobats at their own separate feeding station.
Proper Feeders
There’s a wide variety of ways to feed whole corn cobs in your backyard: Skewer onto a nail driven into a piece of wood; or insert into Cob Corn feeder; or place into platform or tray feeders or directly on ground.

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