Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus Fertilizer

by Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green MAG-I-CAL PLUS for Lawns in Acidic + Hard Soil  Fertilizer is a unique, multi-faceted, soil-enhancing food that rapidly raises soil pH, loosens hard soil, and stimulates soil microbes.  MAG-I-CAL PLUS® for Lawns in Acidic + Hard Soil contains fast-acting calcium which raises soil pH to enhance nutrient availability from lawn foods and improve cell wall structure.  It also fortified with a patented, quick-releasing gypsum to help break up clay and compacted soil for better air, water, and root penetration into the soil.  Additionally, MAG-I-CAL PLUS® promotes growth by increasing biological activity to aid in the release of trapped nutrients in the soil.

Key product features:

– Rapidly raises Soil pH
– 20% to 70% of your lawn food is wasted when soil pH is too low!
 Breaks up clay and compacted soils
– Stimulates soil microbial activity
– Natural Soil Food that is safe to use where children & pets play

When to apply:

MAG-I-CAL PLUS® can be applied any time of the year.  It can be applied on the same day with any lawn product or when seeding or sodding. MAG-I-CAL PLUS® is a completely natural product and will never burn your lawn.

How to apply:

Apply to a dry lawn. Watering in is not necessary, but the product will not begin to work until watered in by rain or irrigation.


Mackey's Bonus:

Meet the Barry Green, president and 5th generation of the Johnathan Green company; Listen to our Growing Home Podcast Interview HERE.

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