Jonathan Green Mag I Cal Plus Fertilizer

by Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green MAG I CAL PLUS for Lawns in Acidic + Hard Soil  Fertilizer is a unique, multi-faceted, soil-enhancing food that rapidly raises soil pH, loosens hard soil, and stimulates soil microbes.  MAG-I-CAL PLUS® for Lawns in Acidic + Hard Soil contains fast-acting calcium which raises soil pH to enhance nutrient availability from lawn foods and improve cell wall structure.  It also fortified with a patented, quick-releasing gypsum to help break up clay and compacted soil for better air, water, and root penetration into the soil.  Additionally, MAG-I-CAL PLUS® promotes growth by increasing biological activity to aid in the release of trapped nutrients in the soil.

Key product features:

– Rapidly raises Soil pH
– 20% to 70% of your lawn food is wasted when soil pH is too low!
 Breaks up clay and compacted soils
– Stimulates soil microbial activity
– Natural Soil Food that is safe to use where children & pets play

When to apply:

MAG-I-CAL PLUS® can be applied any time of the year.  It can be applied on the same day with any lawn product or when seeding or sodding. MAG-I-CAL PLUS® is a completely natural product and will never burn your lawn.

How to apply:

Apply to a dry lawn. Watering in is not necessary, but the product will not begin to work until watered in by rain or irrigation.


Want to learn more about Johnathan Green? Listen to our conversation with Barry Green, president of Johnathan Green, by clicking his picture below.


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