Apple, Fuji (Malus X Fuji)

by Mackey's Farm
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Our thoughts: "Light sweetness but a really nice "apple" flavor with no tartness. A very juicy, moderately firm apple with light crispness. Smooth texture with a thicker skin."

Fruit Profile:
   Color: Light yellow-green skin with a red blush & light yellow center
   Texture: Crisp and firm
   Taste:    Sweet & juicy
   Cooking:    Great for baking & sauce
   Origin: Japan
   Other notes: Good for using & eating fresh, keeps well in storage

Tree Features:
   Bloom Color: White
   Bloom Time: mid-late Spring
   Mature Height: 12-15 ft
   Mature Spread: 12-15 ft
   Harvest: Medium-sized red & green fruit in October
   Zone: 5-8 - One of the best-growing apple trees for Connecticut along with Honeycrisp, Gala, Macoun, and McIntosh.
   Pollination: Cross-pollination by a different variety of mid-late Spring blooming apple tree within 50 feet is key to its growth and success.
   Placement: Full Sun

          Nursery Stock Specifications:
               Pot Size: 7 gallon
               Height: 5-7'
               Age: 3+ years old, fruiting


    • Feed twice a year with a slow release fertilizer. Fertilize in early spring before growth starts and late fall after the leaves have fallen and the ground isn't yet frozen. (5 minutes of work)
    • Prune in late winter to remove crossing branches and promote good airflow to encourage fruiting. (5-10 minutes of work) 

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      For best results, Mackey's recommends:

      (For full planting guide CLICK HERE)

      Eaton Tree Stake Kit - ADD TO ORDER


      Everything you need to protect your young tree from wind and storm damage.

      Coast of Maine Penobscot Planting Mix - ADD TO ORDER

      For organic growers, this is a must! For others, your tree will appreciate you...
      Provides ideal soil structure, nutrients, and microbial environment. 
      Use 1 bag per tree to mix with existing soil.
      Dig hole 12 inches wider than the root ball and 2-3 inches deeper.

      Garden Rich Root & Grow Plant Stimulator - ADD TO ORDER


      Optional, yet worth it.
      Bonide Root & Grow stimulates early and strong root formation. Strong roots obviously help with the overall plant health, but also protect the tree from uprooting during storms and high winds. Fruit tree application requires 1.75 oz of Bonide Root & Grow.


      Espoma Tree-tone - ADD TO ORDER


      Option 1 of 2. An organic fertilizer that is spread evenly under the tree spread (area under the branches). Newly purchased, younger trees will need about 6 lbs per application. As the tree matures, follow the application chart on the package.

      Jobes Fertilizer Spikes for Trees & Shrubs - ADD TO ORDER

      Option 2: Jobes fertilizer spikes simplify fertilizing your tree. Per the Jobe's company, "Fertilizer spikes take the mess and guesswork out of plant nutrition." How? The spikes are pre-measured and slowly release into the soil to prevent over fertilization. Additionally, spikes are applies by hammering them beneath ground level, which prevents run-off. Fun fact: Jobes tree spikes are activated by the soil's fungal and bacterial activity (VERY COOL!).


      Bonide All-Seasons Horticultureal & Dormant Spray Oil - ADD TO ORDER

      Use year-round to control insects and diseases.

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